Hurricane Florence


Due to Hurricane Florence in the Carolina's, Humane Society of West Michigan took in 7 dogs from Marlboro County, SC. These dogs traveled over 800 miles and over 13 hours to be sheltered at HSWM and given a chance for a forever home.

As a donor-funded, nonprofit organization, financial gifts are always needed as costs continue to rise, as do our life-saving efforts. HSWM takes on the cost regardless of the struggle so that with our community, we can help animals not only in our area but also around the United States.

On average, care for an animal is $30 a day. This cost does not include animals who have "special needs" such as heartworm disease, allergies, or in need of expensive surgery. For the South Carolina dogs, almost all have heartworm and need extra treatment.

Thank you for considering a gift to the animals.

Please see below for all of the animals from Marlboro County, SC. When these dogs are made available for adoption they can be found here. If they are not listed on the page provided they are not currently up for adoption.