Wish list

Taking care of our animal visitors and providing the public with humane education requires a lot of supplies and equipment. Donating items from our wish list is an excellent way to help! Hey, you might even have some of these items at your home or business that you no longer need. Browse the list below - the bold items are the items that we are most in need of.

Batteries (AA, C, 9-volt)   

Calming Caps

Canned Cat/Dog Food (Pate style for cats)

Cat Treats

Cat Food

Cat Bowls (stainless steel or ceramic)

Cat Toys with feathers  (no plastic)

Plush dog toys (no tennis balls or rope toys)

Plush Cat Houses

Dog Chews (rawhide, bully sticks, Nylabones)

Dog Food - Dry

Dry Erase Markers

Dryer Sheets

Fleece Fabric

Gently Used Blankets or Towels (no sheets, pillow cases, pillows or sleeping bags) 

Martingale Collars

Paper Towels

Pooper Scoopers

Puppy Pads

Snow Shovels

Swiffer  refill sheets


Cat Scratch Pads (www.strechandscratch.com)


**Monetary donations are always appreciated and are used to purchase specific items for our animals including Feliway, DAP collars, Cat Condo Take Home Boxes, Thunder Shirts, Calming Caps, Cat Furniture (such as those found on http://www.kittycityusa.com), Reptile and Avian supplies, and other essential items for our animals.


If you need any additional information about donating goods or services, please complete the form below.

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